Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres Collector's Edition

Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres Collector's Edition 1.0

It is a point-and-click game, in which you find hidden objects
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Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres Collector’s Edition is a point-and-click game. It has a mystery theme. A related story gives coherence to the game by providing a final objective. As in other similar games, your task is to play the role of an investigator trying to uncover the mystery behind a series of obscure events.
The game has two modes: tutorial and normal. It is divided into chapters, each with its own objective. In this regard, it is not enough to find all the hidden objects because you will also need to solve a mystery. For example, in the first chapter, there is a mysterious package, and you need to find out what is inside it. Some of the found objects become part of an inventory, from where you can take and use them when necessary.
There are two ways to find hidden objects. First, there is the traditional point-and-click gameplay, when you search for one of the objects on the list and click on it when you find it. To help you do this, there are hints, which are limitless but take some time to be 'replenished'. When you use a hint, it shows you where one of the objects on the list is hidden. There is also another type of hint, called sonar display, which shows you the shape of the items. The magnifying glass is used to take a closer look or, for instance, see what is inside a box. In addition, there is a mouth icon that can be used to talk to a person.
The other way to discover hidden objects is by playing the mini-games associated to each chapter. These games are of different types, but there is always a gauge that gets filled little by little whenever you complete a task. Every time this gauge is completely filled, an item is discovered. Then, the gauge is emptied again and the process starts over. There is a central story, in the form of a diary, which gets gradually completed as you fulfill the objectives of each chapter.
A strategy guide suggests you the steps you should follow to complete the game. As there is a logical sequence, some actions will need to be performed before you can complete another scene. There is also an additional adventure, but it will be locked until you have completed the rest of the chapters.
In general, the game has very nice graphics that match its theme. The navigation through the game is easy because there are suggestive icons with appropriate captions. The sound effects are consistent with the theme, while the music is nice. However, there are options to allow you to control the volume or to completely mute the sounds. Although the game as such repeats the same old idea present in other games of the same type, at least it introduces another way to find the hidden objects (mini-games). To sum up, if you are fond of point-and-click games, Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres Collector’s Edition is worth giving it a try.

Belkis Díaz
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  • It is easy to navigate
  • It includes mini-games
  • It has nice graphics
  • It has an interesting story
  • It is challenging


  • The gameplay is unoriginal
  • Some texts have typos
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